About Us


James Strozier AICP

President/ Planner, Co-Founder of Firm

James Strozier has over 35 years of planning experience in both the public and private sectors throughout the western United States. His focus is on the integration of zoning regulation with urban design in order to achieve our client’s goals resulting in added value to each project through timely approvals, high quality design, and exceptional market performance. Jim is a dynamic public speaker with extensive experience representing and obtaining approval for a wide variety of projects before public boards, commissions, and councils.

Chris Green PLA, ASLA, LEED AP

Vice President / Landscape Architect

Chris Green has over 31 years of experience in the implementation of all phases of the landscape design process, including the design of over fifty park or recreational complexes. He has vast experience in managing design teams on large-scale recreational projects and facilitating public input on such projects. Chris has practiced sustainable site and landscape design for many years and is a LEED Accredited Professional. His goal is the thoughtful and provocative design of our outdoor spaces for people to socialize and recreate.

Jacqueline Fishman AICP

Principal / Planner

Jacqueline Fishman has over 27 years of planning and project management experience on complex, multi-discipline public and private sector projects. She directs and facilitates all of the firm’s long range public sector community planning efforts, and has been the primary author on dozens of approved plans and studies. Jackie has extensive experience working with neighborhood groups and diverse communities in order to establish rapport and build trust. She regularly represents projects before governing bodies and planning commissions.


Michael Vos AICP

Senior Planner

Michael Vos has over 6 years of experience in land use planning, development review, GIS mapping, and creating technical reports. He is particularly adept at interpreting zoning and land use regulations and provides expertise in entitlement processes associated with private development, community outreach, and creating long range master plans for communities across New Mexico.

Shawna Ballay

Senior Planner

Shawna Ballay has over 14 years of experience in community development. She has a multi-disciplinary background that includes the direct oversight of planning, public coordination/outreach, environmental compliance, design, and construction for transportation, utility infrastructure, residential, and commercial building projects. Her focus at Consensus Planning is on developing strategic partnerships that provide the necessary development and funding support for rural and tribal communities.

Charlene Johnson


Charlene Johnson has over 6 years of experience in data research and analysis, community engagement, and long-range master planning for small communities throughout New Mexico. Her focus at Consensus Planning is on long range planning, including research and technical writing for the firm’s Comprehensive Plans and Metropolitan Redevelopment Area Plans.

Scott Culler PLA, ASLA

Landscape Architect

Scott Culler has over 6 years of experience in creative landscape design with a penchant for ensuring designs are technically sound. He has developed an expertise in site planning, planting and irrigation design, and the development of site details. Scott is proficient in technologies such as computer aided drafting (CAD), geographic information systems (GIS), and computer generated graphics.

Ashlie Maxwell ASLA

Landscape Designer

Ashlie Maxwell has several years of experience as a landscape designer involving the preparation of site plans and landscape construction documents, and providing construction phase services. She excels in computer-aided graphics, photo simulations, and hand sketches of urban design and landscape concepts. Her focus at Consensus Planning is on preparing planting plans, irrigation plans, and theming concepts for master plan communities.

Omega Delgado


Omega Delgado has experience in asset-based community and economic development, placemaking initiatives, project development and management, resource identification and allocation, and event planning drawn from her role managing a MainStreet program. She provides assistance with entitlement processes associated with private development and long range planning for small New Mexico communities.