We approach every planning project with the understanding that all projects require a unique solution. First and foremost, we strive for consensus. People’s opinions matter and, when it comes to planning a project, opinions can either strengthen or dismantle a project. That is why we take a full, hands-on approach by soliciting input in the planning process through interactive meetings with all of the project stakeholders.

Our approach also understands the importance of obtaining project approval. Whether a community plan or a land use entitlement, approval is required to ensure implementation. Our staff has intimate knowledge of approval obstacles – including special interest groups, property restrictions, zoning and regulatory constraints, and political realities – and is skilled at preparing plans that avoid these barriers and obtain approval. That is why our track record for project approvals is unmatched.

Our planning projects range from a simple zone change or site plan to complex, multi-faceted neighborhood or planned community plans to comprehensive, downtown, parks and recreation, and metropolitan redevelopment plans for communities. This gives us the expertise and confidence to handle any size project.

Planning Projects