Urban Design

Urban design involves a multi-disciplinary approach engaging planning, landscape architecture, architecture, and engineering professionals in a design framework that gives shape and creates character to streets, neighborhoods, and sites. Our team is skilled at bringing out the best of each discipline in order to provide the client with an urban design that is creative, contextual, and buildable. This interdisciplinary approach also includes the public sector as a key part of the process since the public sector participants are often responsible for the review, regulation, and/or implementation of the design.

Our underlying goal is to provide our clients with a design that create thriving, sustainable, walkable, and transit-accessible spaces that enhance the quality of life in the community. We strive to foster greater collaboration between private development and public agencies in order to enhance public spaces and maximize opportunities where all parties become the beneficiaries of superior design. The interface between the public and private realms is the key to urban design that has a positive impact on a neighborhood, district, or community.