Landscape Architecture

We work on outdoor environments to create landscapes that meet the physical, social, and emotional needs of the community, while balancing issues of environmental sustainability and resiliency. In order to create these lasting and meaningful designs, we coordinate with user groups, the client/user agency, and the contractors to ensure that the vision is buildable and maintainable over time.

The breadth of our experience encompasses landscape design, site planning, parks and recreation planning, educational and municipal campuses, commercial and retail developments, residential communities, streetscape design, and project theming. We are skilled at assembling and working with diverse teams of professionals and engaging the right people to ensure that each project design is supported by the community and is approvable and buildable.

Our goal is to impact each project early in the design process to generate ideas with technical understanding and creative flair for the design, organization, and use of outdoor spaces. As part of a multi-disciplinary team, we are adept at conceiving and communicating the concepts and preparing the necessary plans to implement this vision. These plans then becomes the basis for detailed construction drawings that are prepared to facilitate the construction of memorable spaces.