Consensus Planning worked with the City of Grants, Grants MainStreet Project, Cibola Communities Economic Development Foundation, Grants/Cibola County Chamber of Commerce, Northwest New Mexico Council of Governments, and other interested agencies and individuals to complete the City of Grants Downtown MRA Master Plan for the Santa Fe Avenue corridor within Downtown Grants and the surrounding neighborhood area. The Downtown MRA Master Plan was predicated on the need for collaboration between the public sector, private investors, and community stakeholders to achieve a lasting and prosperous revitalization of Downtown Grants. Consensus Planning designed and facilitated a two-day charrette, which included a walking tour, visioning process, and identification of projects and strategies that were intended to spur redevelopment in Downtown Grants. Some of the concepts that emerged from the charrette included a “road diet”, enhanced street crossings, and street lighting for Santa Fe Avenue; preservation of the Lux and West Theaters; rehabilitation of the iconic neon Route 66 signs; identification of several opportunity sites and public art locations; wayfinding program; etc. Two surveys, a business owner survey and a general public survey, were distributed prior to and during the charrette, as well as the public meeting. The surveys were designed to help inform the recommendations contained in the Downtown MRA Master Plan and to provide further opportunities to reach the community on their vision and concerns regarding Downtown Grants.


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