The Menaul Metropolitan Redevelopment Area (MR Area) Plan was the culmination of the third phase of the project completed on behalf of the Albuquerque City Council. The MR Area Plan identified opportunities and strategies for redevelopment activities and projects that could catalyze private investment and prevent further disinvestment in the area. It also identified public infrastructure and transportation improvements to be undertaken by the City of Albuquerque. The recommendations provided in the MR Area Plan were based on the findings of the larger Menaul Redevelopment Study, input received at three public meetings, results of a business owner survey, and individual meetings with business owners and other interested parties. The Menaul MR Area Plan was intended to initiate, direct, and facilitate positive action by the City to correct the existing blighted conditions and reverse the current trend of distress and disinvestment. The vision for the Menaul MR Area was for it to once again become a thriving business, hotel, and retail district that positively contributes to the well being of the greater community of Albuquerque.

The Menaul MR Area is located at the confluence of Interstate 40 and Interstate 25 (the Big I”) and within Albuquerque’s Mid Heights, which has historically been characterized by high levels of economic output from commercial retail and services and industrial development. The designated MR Area boundaries are Phoenix Avenue to the north, Interstate 40 to the south, North Diversion Channel to the east, and Interstate 25 to the west. The purpose of the Menaul MR Area is to facilitate this area of Albuquerque to return to being a safe and desirable destination and business hub.


The Menaul Metropolitan Redevelopment Area is a vibrant, walkable business district for hotel guests, workers, and residents alike. A rebirth of the area has occurred as new businesses – commercial retail and services, hospitality, and restaurants – have sprung up along the corridor and existing businesses continue to invest and take great pride in their properties. The area features a coordinated system of streets, sidewalks, multi-use trails, and transit services that provide connections to the larger Albuquerque community and encourage transit-oriented development.


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