Titan Nob Hill is a new multi-family, single-block redevelopment project that addresses a blighted property in the Upper Nob Hill Metropolitan Redevelopment Area on Central Avenue (Historic Route 66). The project is adjacent to and interfaces with the new Albuquerque Rapid Transit (ART) system that has been completed with a station located adjacent to this property. The property included an old motor court lodge and since it was over 50-years old, it required demolition approval from the City’s Landmark’s Commission. Once the demolition permit was approved, the project required approval of three separate variances addressing fencing, east façade glazing, and ground floor glazing requirements on the west façade. Once the variances were approved, Consensus Planning worked with Whitneybell Perry architects and Isaacson & Arfman civil engineers on a Site Plan – DRB. We held several meetings with the Nob Hill Neighborhood Association that resulted in their support for all aspects of the project. The project is currently under construction.


  • Site Plan Approval
  • Demolition/Landmarks Commission Approval
  • Variances
  • Neighborhood Coordination


  • Titan Development