The City of Truth or Consequences, located in Sierra County, New Mexico, is known for being an edgy resort town featuring hot mineral springs, alternative medicine, and an eclectic arts scene. Consensus Planning completed three separate planning documents for the City in 2014, including the Downtown Master Plan / Metropolitan Redevelopment Plan, Comprehensive Plan, and Affordable Housing Plan.

For the Downtown Master Plan, Consensus Planning facilitated a robust and customized public engagement process with several methods of gaining public input, including hosting a public meeting during a Downtown Second Saturday Art Hop, a public open house, workshops, and a walking tour. The Master Plan identified redevelopment strategies and catalytic projects that were designed to spur reinvestment, move the MainStreet District forward to a more prosperous future, and celebrate the unique and historic character of Truth or Consequences.

The Comprehensive Plan was an update to the 2004 Comprehensive Plan, also completed by Consensus Planning. The planning process included four public meetings, a City Commission workshop, and the creation of new and revised goals, objectives, and implementation strategies, which form the basis for the updated Comprehensive Plan.

The Affordable Housing Plan was designed to follow the New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority’s requirements, which included a Community and Housing Profile, Housing Needs Assessment, Land Use and Policy Review, and Goals, Policies, and Quantifiable Objectives. As part of the housing needs assessment, Consensus Planning also performed a windshield survey to evaluate existing housing conditions. Public input for the Affordable Housing Plan was incorporated into the Comprehensive Plan process.


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